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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


A Picnic in the Park


Last Tuesday, my mum, sister and I went on a picnic at our local ‘big’ park. We had been planning the trip for a few weeks as we are both on summer holidays from work and we’d promised Gracie a picnic. We chose the week when it decided to rain. This did not deter us though so off we went in the rain, I think I actually preferred the rain to it being too hot and Gracie didn’t seem to mind. The park has a large playground area with climbing frames and swings and slides which Gracie loved and it also has some big rides which we avoided as it’s a bit pricey. The park is huge and there is also a lake, a train ride and some wild birds to look at.




We spent a lot of time chasing Gracie about on the playground, she is such a little daredevil that she loved climbing to the top of the biggest slides and zooming down the zip wire. We actually couldn’t get her off the zip wire and she didn’t really like sharing it with the other children. She is a braver girl than I.



We braved eating our picnic on one of the picnic benches near the train station, it was a bit wet but we got on with it any way. Gracie enjoyed playing with a huge tree trunk that had fallen on the ground and was climbing all over it, she chased some birds and tried to feed them her cake.




Then we walked down to the lake and the big sandpit which Gracie had remembered from previous visits, she was the only one in there and she was loving throwing the sand everywhere. Me and mum are not the biggest fans of sand so we stayed well away on a bench, but Gracie was doing roly polies and sand angels and all sorts. We spent quite a lot of time at this part until Gracie got bored and started being naughty. We also fed the ducks and swans here, I think Gracie was trying to hit the swans (no fear!) with the bread though. It was lovely to see the cygnets with the grown up swans and all the other ducks. Gracie enjoyed looking at them all and watching them try to eat the bread. When we ran out of bread Gracie decided to feed the ducks Party Rings – they weren’t fans though!




There are two peacocks that live at the park and we wanted to show them to Gracie so we went on a peacock hunt. She wasn’t too impressed by them though. We found them hiding near a new part of the park which has lots of water activities and wooden play equipment. It was pretty fun and Gracie got soaked! I also had to ride a pretend horse to take her to the ‘shops’. She has such a big imagination now that she’s always inventing a game for us to play together.






We had to convince Gracie to go on the train around the park with us, she really didn’t want to. I think she was a bit nervous as she hadn’t been on it before. Once she was on it she was fine though, she liked looking out of the windows and seeing the different bits of the park. I really enjoy going on the train as there are some really beautiful parts of the park that you don’t get to see otherwise.


After the train we headed home as we’d been at the park about 4 hours! We only spent about a tenner between us so it was a fab day out on the cheap. One we will definitely be repeating next year when the weather is hopefully a bit better.

How do you like to spend family days out?

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    1. She is very cute :) One of my favourite people to be around! xx


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