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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

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Health: Cervical Screening and GynaeCheck

A few weeks ago I mentioned GynaeHealth UK’s Target 100,000 campaign which was launched in order to promote cervical screening and engage women that are behind with the screening process. In order to do this a new product was launched; GynaeCheck is a self admistered cervical screening kit that detects the HPV virus. The test can be done in the comfort of your own home and only takes a couple of minutes. I was very kindly sent a GynaeCheck test to take and I thought I’d share the process with you in case you’re interested in it.
Before I was sent the kit I had to fill in a short survey with questions on my health and basic details such as my date of birth and address. The test kit was sent out via Royal Mail a couple of days later and arrived in discreet packaging – a plain brown box.
Gracie's 4th Birthday 010
Gracie's 4th Birthday 011
Inside the box is a prepaid return box for you to pop your sample in, the vaginal sampler in a sealed bag, a container for your sample and some information sheets. When I received mine I was quite surprised at how big the vaginal sampler was (and how much it looks like one of those kitchen lighters!).
Gracie's 4th Birthday 015
I read through all the information in the pack and prepared to perform the test; it was really easy and a super quick process. You just have to remove all the packaging from the sampler and the sample container and make sure that your hands are clean. It’s advised that you lay down on your back and pop a towel down underneath you in case the water spills out when using the test. The test is over in less than 10 seconds, you just position it, press the button in and then pull it out. You then transfer the sample into the container before sealing it up. You can then pop the sample in the return box and seal it ready for posting.
After posting the sample I only had to wait a week for my results letter, mine was negative and I was advised that I would need to take another test in 2 years time. If your results are positive then GynaeHealth UK will contact with you regarding your next steps and will refer you to your GP.
In line with the national screening programme, the device is available to women aged 25 and can be ordered online for £129 (www.gynaehealthuk.com/signup-form). GynaeCheck also offer GynaeCheck+ which tests the same sample for chlamydia as well as HPV for £149.
I am so impressed with this service, for someone that never had time to go and get screened at my doctors surgery it was so quick and easy. If you’re struggling to find time to go then I would definitely recommend it, also if you’re not sure about going for your smear test for other reasons it’s a great option as it’s so quick and discreet.
Would you consider giving GynaeCheck a go?

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