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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


The Ubiquitous Frame Wall



As we’re settling into our new home it is time to start thinking about decorating, I have been collecting art prints for a little while now and I’m always on the look out for new and interesting pieces. I plan to do a gallery wall in our dining room to display our collection and continue to add to it over the years. I also plan to display our music memorabilia (gig tickets and posters) in our hallway as it will be nice to be reminded of great times every time I come in to the house. Minted is a great website that features independent artists in their marketplace, there is such a diverse array of styles that there is certainly something for everyone. I really love typography prints and there are some pretty fantastic styles which are really original and would make great talking points. I also love animal illustrations and there are so many unique styles that I have a wish list as long as my arm.

Above I have shown a few of my favourite pieces that I hope to buy when we get started with the decorating; I love that Minted also have various sizes of each print and you are able to buy them framed or unframed – making it super easy to display some independent art.

Have you checked out Minted yet?

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*post written in association with Minted


The Wet Brush



The Wet Brush - £11.99*

Available at Sally’s & Cult Beauty

I’ve heard a lot of  things about The Wet Brush, especially from bloggers in America where it’s a number 1 bestseller in the Detangling Brush category. It’s now available for sale in the UK so I couldn’t wait to give it a go, I have a lot of tangles to tame!

Firstly I love that the brush has a handle, I use a Tangle Teezer normally and it’s a bit tricky to use as it doesn’t have a handle. The brush is nice and weighty too, you can feel it in your hand and you’re less likely to fling it across the room if it gets stuck on a tangle. It has special bristles that are ultra thin and flexible, they bounce back to their original position after each stroke. It’s this technology that means that there is no pulling on the hair and therefore no split ends or hair loss when detangling! I keep this brush by the bath as it is completely safe to use on wet hair, and this is pretty much the only time I ever brush my hair.

I would definitely recommend this brush for people with tangly hair, or those that don’t brush it often, as it really does do a good job. It takes me a lot less time to detangle now, and I find that my hair stays untangled for longer!

Have you tried The Wet Brush?

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Easter: Hotel Chocolat Scrambled Egg



Hotel Chocolat – Milk Chocolate Scrambled Egg - £15*

Also available in milk-free and dark chocolate.

Another egg post? So soon… This is the kind of egg I don’t mind eating, it’s such a novelty to eat chocolate in the shape of an egg – much more interesting than a bar. Hotel Chocolat is a brand that I have heard lots about (obviously) but had never tried – there aren’t any stores near my house. So when they offered to send me an Easter Egg to try out I had to accept.

I chose the Milk Chocolate Scrambled Egg, which is a hollow chocolate egg with a splattered chocolate effect on the sides and 6 praline chocolates. The effect on the front is really quite amazing, it looks very cool for an Easter Egg and I’m sure anyone that received it would feel a bit more special.


I shared the Scrambled Egg with my boyfriend last night and I was surprised by how thick the chocolate on the egg was (we couldn’t get it open without Karate chopping it!). The chocolate is of a very high quality and almost tastes like dark chocolate to my untrained palate, you only need a little bit at a time so the egg would last you a long time to fully devour. The little pralines are filled with soft hazelnut and are very tasty, again they are quite rich so you only need one to satisfy a chocolate craving.



If you fancy trying a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg this year you need to order from the website today and select the Saturday delivery. You can also pop into the shop if you are lucky enough to live near one!

Have you ever tried Hotel Chocolat?

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