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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Guest Post: Laser Hair Removal

Removing hair with laser devices has been popular for several years now. But, if you've never had the treatment yourself, you might be confused about a few points. So, here's a brief look at laser hair removal that should clear things up a bit.
Lasers Are Not Dangerous or Hazardous
There is no reason to be afraid of having a laser procedure, especially hair removal. In trained hands, laser hair removal machines are completely safe. They shouldn't harm you at all. They are simply designed to target hairs and hair follicles. Using both light and heat, they damage those follicles in an effort to prevent the hair from growing back for a long time, if at all.
That being said, you are likely to find that your skin is a bit red after treatment, and you might feel a little bit of heat during the process. In extreme cases, blisters are also possible. But those are usually more likely during other forms of laser treatment, such as wrinkle removal.
A Series of Treatment Sessions Are Likely to be Required
You shouldn't expect one laser procedure to be the end of your problems with unwanted hair. You are likely to see a big difference after the first session, but the problem won't be completely or permanently fixed. The number of sessions you will need will depend on the amount of hair and the type of laser that your technician uses. Generally several sessions are recommended at first. After that initial round of sessions it might be months or years before you need more treatments, if at all.
Some Shaving or Related Maintenance May be Needed
Even though laser hair procedure sessions remove most hair and may slow down or stop regrowth of some hair, there are bound to be some hairs that come back after a while. They might be lighter than usual, but they will still be present, and presumably annoy you. So, you may need to shave occasionally, but your shaving time should be cut way down.
You Should Find a Clinic That Suits Your Needs
When you start looking for a laser clinic to perform your procedure, begin by assessing your needs. How thick is the hair you want to remove? If it's quite thick, you will need a strong device. One such device is a YAG laser. If the hair isn't as thick, an intense pulsed light, or IPL, device might be a better option. But either way you will probably need multiple treatments.
If you happen to have dark skin, you will want to be extra careful when choosing a clinic. Many laser devices are designed to find darker hairs against a background of lighter skin. However, there are devices that can treat darker skin. So, with a little effort and research, you can still achieve hair removal success. If you aren't sure where to begin, you could always ask a dermatologist for advice. They are sure to be able to recommend a local clinic, or at least a type of treatment that would be best based on your skin type and needs.
*The above content contains a sponsored link.


Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party


Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015

Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around twenty of our close family members and it was lovely. We decided against having a ‘big’ party at a venue with everyone we’ve ever met as we’re not really ‘going out’ people any more, it was much more ‘us’ to hold the party at our house. The party began at about 1:30 in the afternoon and the last people left at around 8 in the evening. We were so tired when everyone had gone, it was such a long day with all the preparations included. I tried to take as many photos as possible of the decor and food so you could see what I decided to do. The lovely folks at Talking Tables sent me some fantastic pieces from their Truly Scrumptious and Truly Alice ranges to decorate the party with, so everything looked very pretty indeed. I will be doing separate posts on some of the decorations too, so if there is anything you’d like to see more of, please let me know.





[Paper Lanterns - £8.50* | Bunting - £7.00* | Circle Fan Pinwheels - £6.99 | Tissue Paper Pom Poms – DIY]





[Canape Flags - £3.00* | Mad Party Picks - £7.00* | Doilies - £4.00*]





[Spiral Cake Stand - £22.00* | Teapot Cake Stands - £5.50* | Curious Cake Domes - £11.00* 

| Whimsical Paper Cups - £6.00* | Happily Ever After Cake Topper - £4.49]

I hope you like what you’ve seen, we had an amazing time and everyone really enjoyed the party. Now, time to start planning the wedding!

Did you have an engagement party?

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Nails: Nail HQ Gel Top Coat



Nail HQ Gel Top Coat - £5.99*

I love a good top coat and especially one that promises a gel effect. The Nail HQ brand is not one that I am familiar with but it is available to buy in Superdrug, the range has a selection of nail care products including base coats, primers and cuticle oils.

I tried out the Gel Top Coat with Optical Brighteners on my nails this weekend for my engagement party. The top coat dries really fast and is super shiny in the light.  I’m really impressed with how thin the formula is and how smoothly it applied – other gel top coats I’ve tried have been really thick and gloopy. I haven’t noticed any chipping or peeling of the nail polish which tends to happen with gel top coats that are too thick.


I will definitely be checking out the other products in this range as I am seriously impressed with this top coat. My nails are so shiny and smooth looking.

Have you tried anything from the Nail HQ range?

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Nails: Jacava London Woodlanders Collection


Jacava London – Woodlanders Collection AW15*

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know that I’ve been a fan of Jacava for a few years, when I was contacted about the new Woodlanders collection I was intrigued. There are 17 shades in the new range and there is definitely something for everyone; from blues and greys to golds and reds. I chose three of the shades to try out – Ormande Gate, Eaton Square and Kings Road.

Jacava London nail polish is ‘9 Free’ which means that it contains no Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene, Parabens, Phthalates, DBP, Tosylamide, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide or Lead. It also vegan friendly and never tested on animals. The nail polish is packaged beautifully with an elongated gold handle which makes it really easy to apply. The brush tip is quite thin but this makes it great for really covering every bit of your nail. The nail polish dries fairly quickly and has good coverage on the first coat, I applied 2 coats in the images below.


Jacava London – Eaton Square - £15.50*


Jacava London – Kings Road - £15.50*


Jacava London – Ormande Gate - £15.50*

Each of the shades applied really nicely, the blue shades both had really good coverage and only really needed one coat. The nail polish dries quickly and evenly with a nice shine. I think I like the Kings Road shade best as it’s a really interesting colour which I don’t think I’ve seen in a nail polish before.

If you are interested in winning the entire 17 shade Woodlanders Collection there is a competition over on the Jacava London Facebook page today. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/JacavaLondon?fref=ts

What’s your favourite nail polish from the collection?

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Wedding Wednesday: DIY Engagement Party Plates


Party Plate DIY

20 Plastic Plates – 59p – Home Bargains

24 Floral Doilies – £4 – Talking Tables*

UHU Glue - £1 – Wilko




It’s our engagement party on Saturday so I’ve been busy preparing lots of decorations and treats for that, we have around twenty people coming to our house for a tea party. I thought I’d share a little DIY that I’ve been using to make some of the more boring partyware a bit more exciting. I was sent these adorable paper doilies by Talking Tables and thought they’d be perfect for jazzing up the plain plastic plates I bought.

I simply glued the centre of the paper doily onto the middle of the plate and pressed down, I then left to dry for an hour or so. I really like the effect the larger doilies give with the ruffled overhang, but the smaller ones also look cute. Perfect for serving cakes and sandwiches on at the party.

Let me know what you think

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Health: Target 100,000

Target 100,000
September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and with this comes the Target 100,000 campaign. Target 100,000 is a campaign that hopes to promote awareness of cervical screening and re-engage thousands of women that avoid the procedure and are not up-to-date with it.
This month GynaeHealth UK have launched their new self-screening GynaeCheck alongside the Target 100,000 campaign. GynaeCheck is an at home cervical screening test which detects HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that is the cause of 99.7% of cervical cancers.
This new at home test is targeted towards the one million women that miss their smear test every year, there are many reasons why women miss their tests (time constraints, embarassment, pain etc) but it is still really important to get checked out. Research has shown that by giving women the choice of an at home test engagement will be increased by 10%, therefore by launching GynaeCheck 100,000 more women will be up-to-date with their tests. Hence the name, Target 100,000.
By offering an alternative and pain-free way to test for HPV, more women in the UK could be tested for the strains of HPV associated with almost all cases of cervical cancer, Target 100,000 hopes lives lost to the disease will be reduced. The average UK woman is 672 days late for her smear test appointment. For many the anxiety around smear tests could be alleviated if they were able to comfortably collect their own sample and send it away to be tested.
So why are women missing their smear tests?
  • 75% of women have had a bad smear test experience in the past
  • 26% claim the process itself hurt
  • 12% say the healthcare professional drew blood
  • 12% say their abdomen hurt afterwards
  • 1 in 4 claim the doctor or nurse had difficulty locating their cervix
At 26, I was due to have my first smear test last year when I turned 25 but as I wasn’t registered at a local doctors surgery (I thought I was – apparently moving away to uni for three years gets you taken off the list!) I didn’t receive the letter reminding me to book an appointment with the nurse. So I completely forgot about it until I registered with my new doctor when I moved house in February then I received the letter in the post. I attempted to make an appointment with the nurse at my surgery but there were never any appointments available when I wasn’t at work, even during my 6 weeks summer holiday the appointments were limited and didn’t fit in with my cycle. So I’ve still not had one, I have signed up to GynaeCheck and will be doing a review once I’ve received my pack in the post and sent it away.
“Busy women who struggle to make time for non-emergency health appointments should consider GynaeCheck which can be completed in three seconds in the comfort and privacy of their own homes,”
Dr Pixie McKenna.
GynaeCheck has been expertly developed by gynaecologists and is highly accurate and effective, it has been used by 30,000 women all over the world so far. The GynaeCheck device is narrower than the speculum used by doctors and collects a fluid that has rinsed the cervix rather than a cervical brush sample, which makes it less painful than the traditional smear test. Similarly to the traditional NHS screening test women who test positively for HPV are at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer and will be referred to their GP or gynaecologist for further cytology testing to check for abnormal (“pre-cancerous” or “cancerous”) cells. Women with a negative (or “clear”) result are advised to test again in two years’ time.
“To launch Target100,000 we are offering GynaeCheck at a reduced rate of £99 for the entire month of September as part of Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Visit www.Target100000.org.uk for more information on the campaign,”
Troels Jordansen, Managing Director of GynaeHealth UK.
You can find out more information on the GynaeCheck here. Until the 30th September you can buy the GynaeCheck for £99 (normal price is £129).
Are you up to date with your cervical screening?


New Specs: Karl Lagerfeld for Specsavers






Karl Lagerfeld KL25 - £125*

When I spied these Karl Lagerfeld frames on the Specsavers website I knew I had to have them. They’re a deep red colour with a multi-faceted cat eye shape – what’s not to love?

I was a bit concerned that with my red hair and penchant for red lipstick that I’d look a bit too red, but the shade of the glasses changes with the light so I don’t think it’s too much of the same. To be sure I wore my favourite red dress and my hair down to go and try the glasses on – my sales assistant said they looked good and so they were mine.


I love the multi-faceted details to the frames, it makes them look really interesting and the shape of them changes depends on where the light is. I also love that the cat eye shape isn’t too exaggerated like my last pair of glasses, I feel like this shape goes more with my day to day style. I have had a few comments about my love of ‘red’ since I got them though, but I love the way the red colour brightens my face when I’m not wearing make-up. Perfect for the early mornings now I’m back to work.

I would definitely recommend Specsavers for purchasing glasses, I’ve bought all of mine from there and I’ve never had an issue. From the eye test where everything is explained and the newest technology is used to the fitting where measurements are taken with an iPad and costs clarified. It’s normally just a week until you can pick your glasses up after they’ve been ordered which is pretty speedy. They check the fit on collection and are able to adjust the arms so that your new glasses are perfect. You are also welcome to go back to the store if you find that once you’ve left your glasses need adjusting a bit more. Amazing customer service.

Have you ever bought glasses from Specsavers?

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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Ring


Allow me a moment of indulgence, I know I probably shouldn’t be showing off my ring in macro but I am so in love with it. In post engagement bliss I took loads of up close shots of my new ring so that I could see all of the detail and I’m not really sure what to do with them now.




The ring is a vintage trilogy ring with a ruby and two diamonds, I was adamant that I didn’t want a brand new modern ring and Jamie must have been listening to my hints. I also made it quite clear that I didn’t want a diamond – rubies are much more me! Jamie told me that he chose the trilogy style as he liked the meaning of past, present and future that it represents. I also love that it is gold, I much prefer it to silver. He did good.

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Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party Decor

If you saw last week’s Wedding Wednesday post you’ll know that we are planning on having an Engagement party in a couple of weeks. This week I thought I’d share some of the decorations and partyware that I’d love to incorporate into the party. We’re going for an afternoon tea party theme so lots of florals and bunting is necessary. When I spied the Truly Scrumptious range by Talking Tables I fell in love, I’d happily have everything from the range for my party there is nothing I don’t like – I especially like the Truly Alice pieces which are Alice in Wonderland themed. I’ve also spotted a few bits and pieces in HEMA especially their bunting range – loving the chalkboard bunting, perfect for adding your own words to.


Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious & Truly Alice Ranges

Truly Scrumptious Serving Plates - £4 | Truly Alice Dainty Plates - £4 | Truly Scrumptious Plates - £4

Truly Alice Whimsical Cup & Saucers - £6 | Truly Alice Tea Party Signs - £5.50



Colourful Bunting 10m - £1 | Tasselled Garland - £2.75 | Pink Paper Pom Poms - £1.50 |Chalkboard Bunting - £1.50

Napkins - £1 | Polka Dot Cups – 50p | Cake Bunting - £1.50

Have you spotted any cute party decor any where?

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